1st Ep, March 29
Noka Paradise
  • Release date: March 29, 2019
  • Tags: Electro, pop, rock, synthesizers, drums
  • Lyrics and music: Audrey Henry
  • Producers: Audrey Henry, Frederic Vectol
  • Studio: Question de Son, Paris (Fr)
  • Mix: Frederic Vectol
  • Mastering: Michael Rangeard
  • No of songs: 5

This first 5 tracks EP untitled « Noka Paradise » is full of synthesizers. She uses them as guitars and bass which creates a very specific sound. The subtle blend of rock roughness and synth-pop refinement.

Audrey sings in English with a soft yet "punchy" voice. On the one hand, the lyrics talk about making the best out of your emotions, in any given situation : giving yourself motion, giving yourself the time to think, allowing yourself not to get stuck, overcoming fear and anger… On the other hand, the lyrics deal with more superficial aspects like letting go (parting, dancing…) in order to balance it all out.

She surrounded herself with the sound-engineer/producer Frédéric Vectol and with Michael Rangeard for the mastering, from the Parisian studio Question de Son (Fr).